2015 Teen Top Anniversary Fic Exchange Reveals

The 2015 Teen Top Anniversary Fic Exchange has come to an end.

Here is the statistics:

We made 5 fics in total, covering 4 pairings namely capji, chunjoe, nieljoe and changrick.

Here is the list of fics and respective writers:

Dela by payperclyps for eunhae606
Weekly Idol Aftermath by eunhae606 (aff) for everyone
The J-Tech and the Jaeger CoPilot by payperclyps for forsrstho
I'm no Superman by lavenderwinged (ao3) for payperclyps
Vita mutatur, non tollitur by forsrstho for everyone

Thank you to three writers that committed to the event. Without you it would sure come apart. Thank you to payperclyps especially who pinch hitted.

Writers please feel free to post your work to anywhere that you want starting now!

for everyone: Vita mutatur, non tollitur

Title: Vita mutatur, non tollitur
Pairing(s): Chunjoe (background Sanghoon/Changbum)
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Implied character death
Summary: It’s amazing how the end of the world can tear everything apart, and yet still bring it all back together.
A/N: ’Life is changed, not taken away’ - I couldn’t turn down the chance to write a Pacific Rim AU, and especially one that focuses on the early lives of a Ranger. It’s been a long time since I’ve written Chunjoe at all, an due to how big my ideas got for this fic, I had to cut down a lot of it so that it didn’t end up a monster (at one point it was nearly 10k, and that wasn’t including anything I had planned after where this ends), so some parts of this might read a little too fast or rushed. I hope it’s still okay. (And maybe after everything, I might write a sequel.)

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for payperclyps: I'm no Superman

Title: I’m no Superman
Recipient: payperclyps
Pairing: Niel/L Joe (Ahn Daniel/Lee Byunghun)
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Doctor-in-training Ahn Daniel’s mentor Lee Byunghun is determined to make his clerkship difficult.
A/N: 1. Title is the title of I’m no Superman by Lazlo Bane, the soundtrack of one of my favorite shows ever, Scrubs!
2. Payperclyps you saved my life!
3. A tribute to Scrubs, the show that made me.

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for forsrstho: The J-Tech and the Jaeger CoPilot

Title: The J-Tech and the Jaeger CoPilot
Recipient: forsrstho
Pairing(s): CapJi (main)
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Crude language and hints of sex.
Summary: Chanhee and Byunghun are jaeger co-pilots based in Alaska's Shatterdome, Byunghun likes his drift partner, but Chanhee is far more interested in their jaeger teams head J-Tech, one Minsoo Bang.
A/N: Enjoy!

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For eunhae606: Dela

Title: Dela
Recipient: eunhae606 (aff)
Pairing(s): ChangRick (main)
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Mild cursing (and well if you consider mild childish stalking a warning then beware just in case) xD
Summary: Yoo Changhyun made it his life to stalk popular, charismatic, sexy Choi Jonghyun. What he didn’t realize was that he had a secret stalker of his own.
A/N: Enjoy!

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2015 Teen Top Anniversary Fic Exchange BETA Sign Up

If you want to help writers finish their assignments, please consider becoming a beta for the 2015 Teen Top Anniversary Fic Exchange.

Job description:

A beta assists (a) writer(s) in his/her fic writing process.
This job typically includes, but is not limited to, proofreading, brainstorming for and giving comments on your writer(s)’s fics and cheering on your writer(s).

***note: 1. By agreeing to beta for someone, you make a commitment to support that person for the whole length of this event (unless the two of you agree otherwise). You must not disappear on the writer(s) you have agreed to beta for.
2. You must not reveal the writers or their works before the reveals.

Participants to the 2015 Teen Top Anniversary Fic Exchange are not allowed to be betas for this event.

To sign up to become a beta, copy and paste the following into a comment below:

2015 Teen Top Anniversary Fic Exchange Sign-up

Before you begin, please familiarise yourself with the important dates and rules HERE. Mark the drop-out and final submission deadlines on your calendar.

To sign up for the exchange, copy and paste the following into a comment below. Comments will be screened, which means that only you and the mods will see it.

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2015 Teen Top Anniversary Fic Exchange Announcement

Hello friends and welcome to the first Teen Top Anniversary Fic Exchange. Please join. The more the merrier. And if you don’t, please give us your blessings.

I. Introduction

Teen Top Anniversary Fic Exchange is when we use Teen Top’s anniversary as an excuse to gift each other fics.

Each participant will be randomly and anonymously assigned to write for another participant of the event.

Thus, you will be writing secretly for someone as well as receiving a gift from another participant.

***Note: These fics are strictly Teen Top fics, which means:
1. Teen Top members must be the main characters, i.e. no fics about other groups with Teen Top as supporting cast be allowed.
2. No teentopandoc
3. No crossover, e.g. L Joe/Kyuhyun.

The mods hope that we can make friends and enjoy ourselves when giving and receiving gifts.

II. Dates and Deadlines:Collapse )